Front Bumper/Weight Rack

est. $115.00

Used for holding standard tractor weights, or as a platform for additional accessories.

72" Axle Extension

We have developed and are completing the testing of an axle extension that will allow for an adjustable wheel width from 54-72 inches inside of tire to inside of tire. The first photo shows our regular axle that has a maximum width of 51 inches compared to the new axle option. The drawing on the right shows the bolt-on support structure required with the longer axle. The support structure is necessary only for axle widths beyond 54 inches. The 72 inch (inside tire to inside tire) can be purchased as an option with a new tractor or as a replacement to the regular axle as a field upgrade kit. Lead time is 4 weeks as these are built to order.  

New tractor replacement price: $1,485.00

Field upgrade kit: $2,110.00

**We understand the high cost of these custom parts. If you are able to find a local shop to machine these parts for a lower cost we’re happy to provide the detailed machine readable designs at no cost.

$1,485.00 - $2,110.00


est. $30.00

LED Lights (front and rear)

est. $60.00

Extra Stabilizer Bar


This turnbuckle-style stabilizer bar provides precise stabilization of implements. Adjust to the necessary length to match each implement. Use for belly or rear implements.

est. $25.00

Tool Box

Carry all your tools with you, so you can fix in the field.

Hydraulic Accessory

est. $950.00

-Includes Sway Control Chains

This includes an auxiliary pump, 14 gallon hydraulic tank and quick release hoses. This will provide power to hydraulically driven implements, including our future belly finish mower. This option is an alternative to the PTO as all of the same components except the motor and shaft are included in the PTO option.

Sway Control Chains

est. $27.00

The sway control chains limit rear implement sway with or without the use of a stabilizer bar. The chain connects the insides of the lift arms to the tractor frame.These are especially important for heavier implements. Note: The PTO kit includes sway control chains.


estimated $1380.00

The Oggún II Tractor with PTO is compatible with most 4-5 foot bush hogs and mowers, as well as 4 foot tillers. Please contact us with any questions on compatibility. The PTO option includes:

1 - 540 rpm motor and shaft
1 - Load adapter
2 - Hydraulic hoses to attach to aux. connection
1 - Auxiliary gear pump
2 - Sway control chains for rear lift arms

VIEW: Tech_Data_PTO_motor.pdf

Operator Protection Structure  & Seat Belt


Our Oggun Tractor meets all of the OSHA, ASABE, and SAE safety regulations as defined for a tractor under 20HP. As an option, the Oggún Tractor can be ordered with an Operator Protection Structure and a seat belt for those customers who prefer this additional safety feature.

Oggún II Options


License To Build


Only Available In the U.S.
**** 10 hours of free consulting assistance, $50.00/hr after that.

Assembly Kit


Available U.S. And International
+ plus steel price increase, to be quoted at time of order.